Change your schedule

Thinking of making changes to your schedule?

If you want to make changes to your class schedule, keep in mind these important considerations:

  • Degree and admission timeline for your major. Meet with your advisor to discuss the impact of adds and drops on your academic progress.
  • Add/drop deadlines. See the official IU calendar to find out when a grade of W starts and when the Auto-W deadline is for each academic session. 
  • Financial aid. Will a dropped class or W grade cause you to lose financial aid? Contact Student Central to find out.
  • Bursar fees. How much will that add or drop cost? Will you end up paying high fees? Or extra tuition? Read about how changing your schedule can impact your fees or financial aid.
  • Visa status. International students should learn about enrollment requirements for their visa and consult with the Office of International Affairs (OIA) when considering schedule changes.
  • Full time status. Do you need to stay full time for 21st Century Scholars? Athletics? Scholarships? Visa status? Or your parent's insurance? See instructions below on finding open late-starting classes (such as second eight-week courses).
  • Important considerations before withdrawing. Considering withdrawing completely from the university this semester? See information on withdrawal from all subjects.

Schedule change details

From the time you initially enroll through the first week of classes, you can make changes to your schedule through your Student Center. Learn how to swap classes during the first week of classes through this video.

What to expect

Classes dropped before the grade of W begins will not show on your transcript or grade reports. If you want to avoid a W, be attentive to deadlines on the official calendar.

After the first week of the semester, use eDrop/eAdd to request schedule changes. You can drop a class using eDrop up through the automatic W deadline for the class. If you need to add a class after the first week of the semester, scroll down to "Finding open 2nd-8-week classes" for instructions on finding classes that have not yet started.

Follow the eDrop/eAdd instructions on Student Central's website for submitting late drops and adds. NOTE: If you are dropping a class only, University College students must meet with your advisor.

What is auto W?

The auto W deadline is the last day you can drop a course and automatically receive a W, which means "withdrawn." A W does not affect your GPA.

What to expect:

  • A W, which stands for "withdrawn," will be recorded on your grade report and will be on your IU transcript for any class you drop by the auto W deadline. You may find deadlines on the official calendar.
  • Late drop and add requests are approved manually by individual departments and/or instructors. It might take a day or two before you learn if these requests are approved or not. To check the status of your request, go to View SIS eDocs.

Finding open 2nd-8-week classes

Are you looking for a class that starts later in the term, such as in the second eight weeks?

Video instructions: How to Find 2nd-8-Weeks Classes

  1. Open the Class Registration task in One.IU.
  2. Make sure the term is set for the current semester, and the course career is set to "undergraduate."
  3. Make sure Show Open Classes Only is selected.
  4. Click More Filters and go to Session. Select:
  5. Eight Weeks—Second: This is for classes that meet during the second eight weeks of the term. (Consult with your advisor on whether there may be non-standard session, 13-week, or 3-week classes that are still available to add. This will depend on the timing of your add and course offerings, which vary from semester to semester.)
  6. If you prefer all online classes or classes with in-person components, use the Instruction Mode filter to find classes with your preferred mode of instruction.
  7. If you'd like to search for classes that fulfill a general education requirement, use the Course Attribute Value filter.
  8. Push the search button.

Need more help?

If you need help or have questions, be sure to connect with our office.