Support Your Student

Tips for families and friends

Welcome to IU Indianapolis! If you made it to this web page, you probably have a student who is preparing to embark upon their college journey. We have a wealth of resources, opportunities, and a dedicated team of professionals who are here to support your student’s academic and career success. Check out our short "Myths and Facts" video at the bottom of this page to learn the common misconceptions of major and career exploration.

Top six tips to support your student

Check out our team’s Top Six Tips for how YOU can support your student as they navigate their major and career exploration.

4. Expose

Expose your student to careers through encouraging job shadowing, taking a career class, and attending career-related events like Field Trip Fridays, Fall Career Week, Major and Career Information Day, and career fairs.

5. Inspire

Inspire your student to investigate extracurricular opportunities at IU Indianapolis that align with their interests, like getting involved in a student organization, volunteering, doing research, taking advantage of student employment, or studying abroad. 

6. Listen

Most important, listen to your student because their journey is unique. If they change their mind about a major or career path, be willing to listen and help them work through their reasons for the change. Give them time and space to learn from their choices!

Career resources

Check out the career resources below that can help your student.

Myths and facts of major and career exploration