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Academic and Career Development staff are happy to assist in offering career development activities to students. Our presentations are most appropriate for freshmen and sophomores.

These classroom sessions encourage students to engage in career planning in two essential ways:

  • Assess values, interests, personalities, and skills to learn about themselves.
  • Use written, online, and people resources to learn about majors and careers.

Our career consultants and graduate students serve as presenters, with requests based on availability. The information you complete below allows us to provide the most appropriate information to your students. Presentation lengths vary by topic—introductory sessions are 15–20 minutes, and all other sessions are 30–45 minutes. If you have time constraints, we are usually able to be flexible.

If you are requesting a first-year seminar presentation, we appreciate a two-week notice prior to the presentation date. You will be contacted as soon as possible about your request. We appreciate your commitment to students' career development.

Other resources

If your request is not within our scope, please consider these alternative resources: 

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Are you ready to request a career presentation? The Academic and Career Development staff are ready to help you.

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