Here for you

You have lots of support at IU Indianapolis. University College is the academic home and advising resource for most first-year students at IU Indianapolis. We also work with students beyond the first year as they prepare for admission to a degree-granting program. 

Academic and Career Development offers you a team of student success advisors and career consultants to help you explore your interests, choose a major, and create a plan to achieve your academic and personal goals. Once you transition to your degree-granting school, you could work with advisors, career professionals, and even faculty to prepare for a successful career.

While in University College, student success advisors are knowledgeable about undergraduate programs and requirements, as well as resources for support. They can help you select courses and prepare for registration. If you want to explore career options further, our career consultants can help. Learn how to consider your own values, interests, skills, and personality as you evaluate your career path.

Our staff works in specialized clusters to offer focused information on degree programs. Learn more about your team in Academic and Career Development below.

Get to know your academic and career team, and learn how their services support you.

Academic and Career Development staff are here to support you.