About the finance major

Finance majors help corporations sort out the complexities of their investment options and align them with their long-term goals. You'll learn how to create and to maintain wealth, as well as administer and manage money. You'll also study corporate finance, investments, and banking. Every business major will complete a broad base of general business courses. If you're interested in the real estate field, this major provides a track for specialization.

Skills and abilities this major develops: analysis, critical thinking, marketing, and communication.

Engaged learning experiences

Regardless of your major or future career, engaged learning is vital to your present and future. It makes you more marketable for jobs and professional schools upon graduation, it enables you to build deeper connections with faculty and staff in your field of study, and it makes your learning personal by connecting your interests and values with the curriculum from your classes. Check out the three ideas below for places to get started, or learn more at IU Indianapolis’s Institute for Engaged Learning website.

Quick facts

Sample coursework

  • Banking and financial information
  • Corporate financial strategy 
  • Economics
  • Equity and fixed income investment
  • Financial management
  • Management decisions and financial reporting

Possible careers

  • Bank officer
  • Financial analyst
  • Insurance agent
  • Sports manager
  • Statistician
  • Stock broker*
  • Venture capitalist*

*These careers require additional training or education.

Where could I work?

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Community Health Network
  • Cummins, Inc.
  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance firms
  • Nonprofit organizations

Enterprise, Policy, and Planning Cluster

This major is part of the Enterprise, Policy, and Planning (EPP) cluster. The EPP cluster is the academic home of University College students pursuing or interested in business; economics; labor studies; organizational leadership; public and environmental affairs; sport management; and tourism, conventions, and event management.

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