About the cytotechnology major

Cytotechnology is a medical laboratory specialty in which microscopic studies of exfoliated, abraded, and aspirated cells from the human body are performed. Professionals study cell samples from various body sites to detect cellular changes indicative of cancer. In addition, cytotechnologists aid in establishing the diagnosis of benign disease processes, such as endocrine disorders, and in detecting some pathogenic microorganisms.

As a cytotechnology major, you'll be prepared for management, supervisory, and educational responsibilities, as well as understanding legal, ethical, and moral responsibilities to the employers and communities they serve.

Skills and abilities this major develops: observation, scientific inquiry, attention to detail, knowledge of human body systems, and use of current technologies.

Engaged learning experiences

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Quick facts

Sample coursework

  • Cytology of body fluids
  • Cytology of fine needle aspiration
  • Human physiology
  • Investigation in cytopathology
  • Pulmonary cytology

Possible careers

  • Cytotechnologist
  • Laboratory supervisor
  • Pharmaceutical or medical equipment sales
  • Researcher*

*This career requires additional training or education.

Where could I work?

  • Government agencies 
  • Hospitals
  • Medical and diagnostic labs 
  • Research organizations

Health and Life Sciences Cluster

This major belongs to the Health and Life Sciences (HLS) cluster.

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